TLMM #001: Why Local Small Businesses Fundamentally Need Your Help

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Local small business owners usually initially have a great vision for their products or services that they offer.

However, they rarely, if ever see past their *vision* at what it will really take to have their business be successful.

So while they are exceptional at what they do best…

It’s completely normal for them to be absolutely atrocious at marketing, but not sales.

Now please don’t confuse “marketing” with “sales” as they’re two completely different things in this instance.

Meaning, it’s very possible that the business owner is a fantastic salesperson…

However, it doesn’t mean that they have a clue at how to do any sort of marketing, especially when it comes to digital marketing.

And that’s where you and I step in.

See, they do what they do best.

And you do what you do best.

So it’s completely logical that local small businesses need your help, assuming you can actually help them.

Obviously, that depends on your level of education…

The more you educate yourself to the latest and greatest digital marketing strategies…

The higher the chance that you can apply your knowledge and expertise to help them make more sales…


That’s it!

It seems so easy, right?!

But you and I both know it isn’t.

Because in order for you to help them deliver that one outcome that all local small business owners want and need…

There’s all sorts of ways to get to that one result.

And unfortunately (or fortunately), depending on how you look at it…

The Internet has made it easier and more complicated all at the same time to market local small businesses to their potential customers.

For example…

It’s now easier than ever to quickly create a digital marketing plan, deploy it, and get data to find out if it’s effective or not.

And even faster to pivot and try something new.

On the other hand…

It’s more complicated than ever because there’s so many different strategies to learn about and implement which all have their own bells and whistles.

Thus making it extremely difficult to navigate through all the noise of what works and what doesn’t…

Not to mention, what’s actually working right now versus what used to work yesterday.

Which is why it’s become harder and harder to promise results of any kind.

And that creates a conundrum.

Because how do you get local small business owners to say, “Yes!”, to your digital marketing service(s) if you can’t make any promises?

Sure, you can make promises…

But if you can’t deliver on those promises…

Then not only will you not be helping the local small business get more sales…

But don’t forget as you’ll soon also be looking for another client/customer yourself!

I believe this is why more and more Digital Marketing Agencies are becoming *specialized*.

What do I mean by that?

The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing…

And so is the technology it’s built on.

So Digital Marketing Agencies are naturally transitioning to specialize in one specific digital marketing discipline whether that’s…

Sales Funnels

Email Marketing

Facebook Ads


Short Form Video Editing


Or even one of my favorites, Social Posting. 😉

Here’s a few benefits to specializing in a particular digital marketing discipline… (however, the following list does not apply to all specialties*)

*You can become the go to expert for your service

*You can “productize” your service

*You can automate your service

*You can save time by utilizing reusable digital assets in your service

*You can scale your service without it increasing your workload

So what to do?

You can either keep struggling to push a proverbial boulder up a hill by providing digital marketing services and a plan where the local small business owner believes it will get them more sales.


You can safely let the proverbial boulder easily roll down the hill by specializing in a particular service where you’ve become the go to brand for.

I think the choice is pretty obvious.

And I know what I’m doing…

The question is, what will you do?



See you next week.

When you’re ready… 😉


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  1. Hi Kerry
    Thank you for this very helpful post
    Of course it makes perfect sense, when you are a one-man-band you can’t play all the instruments at the same time and do a good job.

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