You Just Quit Your Job, Now What?

The 9-to-5 is getting pummeled.

The Great Resignation is growing faster than ever.

And I love it! Why?


Because more and more people have discovered something more…

Something they grew accustomed to during the “stay at home” days of the pandemic.

And folks finally realized that their “work” could be done just as effectively from home.

So you decided to quit your job…

(I applaud you)

Which begs the question, “What do you do next?”

There’s a lot of different options out there for sure…

From eComm to “free-lance marketing” to coaching to you name it.

However, I’m a bit partial to one in particular…

Which one you ask?

Local small business consulting!


Great question!
Because local small businesses are the backbone of America.
You know, what this country’s economy has been built on over the last 150 years or so…
Yes, it’s true! 🙂
And they NEED YOUR HELP! (especially during this recession)
So if you’re part of The Great Resignation (and even if you’re not)…
And want to help out the “little guy.”
Then you should consider starting your very own digital marketing agency…
But not just any old, digital marketing agency…
No siree Bob! 😉
The traditional digital marketing agency model is *broken* for any solopreneur. (or pretty much anyone who wants to keep it simple – lean and mean)
See, custom high ticket digital marketing services require your time and talent…
Which means, they’re NOT scalable when trying to run this business all by yourself.
And thus presents two glaring problems…
1. You DO NOT have enough time to provide services for more than a handful of clients.
2. You DO NOT want to be a slave in your own business, working around the clock for each client earning less than minimum wage.
Not to mention local small businesses simply cannot afford your high ticket fees.
Instead you should start a “Micro Service Agency!”
What’s that???
I’m glad you asked! 😉
In a nutshell, it allows you to work less and earn more through the use of reusable assets and automation which generates consistent recurring revenues…
…while still providing affordable digital marketing services that EVERY local small business owner needs in order to stay in business and thrive.

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