TLMM #011: Turn Reviews And Testimonials Into More Leads And Sales

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In this week’s issue, I want to talk about how to take advantage of reviews and testimonials in a way to get more leads and ultimately more sales in your business …

This method I’m about to share with you is extremely easy to implement and will produce powerful results.

However, in order to implement this method, you’ll either have to do all of this yourself or have a VA or someone from Fiverr/Upwork to do it for you.

Let’s dive in.


Why Reviews and Testimonials are the #1 Marketing Asset

Aside from word of mouth…

Reviews and Testimonials are the number one marketing asset any type of business can have.

If you think about it…

What is the one thing you look at when trying to make a decision on whether or not a particular product or service is right for you?

Yep!  You guessed it…

And it’s why the number one eCommerce site on the planet (no, in the universe) relies heavily on reviews and testimonials for…


By the way…

Reviews and testimonials are essentially word of mouth!

The only difference really is that word of mouth is typically from a trusted source.

And that’s why the real power of reviews and testimonials comes from the sheer quantity of them.

Meaning, the more you have the stronger the influence those reviews and testimonials have on the next person making a purchase.


Where To Get Reviews And Testimonials


That might be your initial reaction when you go to one of your own or your client’s social media accounts or pages…

Where people can leave a review or testimonial and see that there are already some posted.

There’s really two primary places to go check right now…

  1. Facebook business page under the “Reviews” tab
  2. Google Business Profile under the call-to-action buttons where it says, “5.0 ***** X Google reviews”

Besides those two locations…

You might also want to check a few more places…

  • LinkedIn under Recommendations
  • Yelp (if your client is in a niche/industry that Yelp offers)
  • Facebook groups (client/customer posts)
  • Angies List
  • Trustpilot

And of course if you’re looking specifically for a potential client…

You will want to check out their website first!

However, you’d be surprised how many businesses don’t have any reviews or testimonials on their website!


How To Get More Reviews And Testimonials


Honestly, that’s a great way to get started…

Just ask customers/clients for them.

Most will be more than happy to provide them if…

  • You ask them nicely
  • You give them instructions like where you want them to post it
  • They had a good/great experience and got results

But, remember you’ll get the best results if you can get them to provide it sooner rather than later…

Because they’ll be more likely to do it since it’s top of mind and they’re “warmer”…

Meaning, that the more time that passes between the time they get the “result” and the time they actually get around to writing/recording a review or testimonial…

The less likely they will actually leave one.

However, you may have to incentivize them with some sort of freebie.

Because sometimes people just need a little extra push.

Which by the way, is completely legal and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing that as long as you’re not asking them for a “favorable” review or testimonial.


How To Utilize Reviews And Testimonials

Now that we know where to look for existing reviews and testimonials…

And we know how to get previous customers/clients to provide reviews and testimonials…

You’re going to take the reviews and testimonials and repurpose and redistribute them across your customer/client’s various social media platforms.

So rather than having them buried in a few locations around the web…

Which likely don’t get seen very much, if at all…

We’re going to position them in a way that they stand out and 100% visible to the business’ prospective customers/clients.

And by doing this there’s a few key benefits…

  • It showcases the business’s best marketing material (reviews and testimonials)
  • It gives the business content – UGC (user generated content) for the most part, which they can use to over and over, again and again
  • It sets them apart from their competition since their competitors are not likely implementing this digital marketing strategy


What To Do With Reviews And Testimonials

You’re probably wondering what we’re going to do with them.

Not to worry…

I’m going to fully explain it and walk you through it step-by-step right now.

Step 1:

Gather all the reviews and testimonials (plus the customer’s profile picture) you can find for a specific business.

Step 2: 

Go to Canva and search for “testimonials”

Step 3:

Pick out a handful of designs you like – perhaps a few that look a little more masculine and a few that look a little more feminine

Step 4: 

Create 3-4 mockups using one testimonial and preferably a matching profile picture

Step 5:

Rinse and repeat for all the the reviews and testimonials you have collected

Step 6:

Post them to your customer/client’s social media accounts (i.e. Facebook business page, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google Business Profile)

That’s it…

It’s really just that simple.

And by the way, you can (and should) do all this for your own business as well.

But if you don’t have any reviews or testimonials yet…

Don’t worry…

You can implement this for yourself just as soon as you start collecting new reviews and testimonials from extremely happy customers/clients you end up doing this digital marketing service for. 😉


See you again next week.
When you’re ready… 😉

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