TLMM #090: Revive Dead Leads Using The Power of A.I.

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In this week’s issue, I want to talk about why you should use the power of A.I. to reactivate “dead” leads as a Local Small Business Consultant and/or Digital Marketing Agency Owner…

All local small businesses have a leads list they work from…

However, most of those leads are “dead” simply because the local small business gave up on them and don’t have the means to constantly follow-up with them.

But what if you could revive them using A.I.?

With that being said…

Let’s dive in!


Understanding “Dead” Leads

First, let’s define “dead” leads…

These are potential customers who initially showed interest in your client’s services or products but didn’t follow through to a sale…

Often, these leads are not lost causes…

They just haven’t been nurtured effectively.


The Power of A.I. Chatbots

Enter A.I. chatbots…

These are not just any chatbots but intelligent conversational agents capable of engaging customers through SMS messages…

They can simulate human-like interactions and are designed to re-engage leads that have fallen through the cracks.


Why SMS?

SMS is direct and personal…

Unlike emails, which can sit unread, SMS messages have an open rate of 98%…

They are immediate and create a sense of urgency, making them an ideal channel for re-engagement.


How A.I. Chatbots Transform Lead Management

Automated Personalization

A.I. chatbots can analyze customer data and past interactions to craft personalized messages that resonate with the recipient, increasing the likelihood of a response.


Unlike human agents, chatbots can handle thousands of conversations simultaneously, ensuring no lead is neglected.

Instantaneous Engagement:

Chatbots respond instantly, at any time of day, keeping potential customers engaged without delays.


Deploying AI chatbots is significantly cheaper than hiring additional staff for customer outreach.


Implementing A.I. Chatbots

Choose the Right Platform

Select an A.I. chatbot platform that integrates well with your client’s existing CRM system and supports SMS messaging.

Set Clear Objectives

Define what you want to achieve with your chatbot—whether it’s increasing sales, boosting event attendance, or simply keeping your client’s brand top-of-mind.

Craft Engaging Messages

Develop a tone and script that reflect your client’s brand voice and resonate with your client’s target demographic.

Monitor and Optimize

Continuously analyze the effectiveness of your messages and optimize them based on customer feedback and engagement metrics.



Reviving “dead” leads using A.I. chatbots is a potent strategy for local small businesses aiming to enhance their sales and customer engagement with minimal investment…

By automating personalized, timely, and relevant communications, local small businesses can turn neglected opportunities into valuable sales.

Remember, the key to success with A.I. chatbots is in the personalization and relevance of the interactions…

With the right approach, your client’s business can transform its lead management and experience significant growth.

See you next Monday!


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