TLMM #040: How To Use The Law Of Reciprocity To Get More Clients And Make More Sales

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In this week’s issue, I want to talk about how to get clients to take a chance on you and your service(s) so you can make more sales as a Local Small Business Consultant or Digital Marketing Agency Owner…

If you’re struggling to get clients or making more sales then you’ll want to pay close attention…

Sometimes the easiest way to achieve this is by simply providing value first and asking for the sale second.

This method takes advantage of the law of reciprocity.

With that being said…

Let’s jump in!


What Is The Law Of Reciprocity?

By definition the law of reciprocity states that if I do something nice for you, you’ll do something nice for me.

The party or person on the receiving end…

In all likelihood feel obligated to reciprocate.

For example, if we go out to lunch and I pick up the bill, you almost always offer to pay for it next time…

Meaning, the next time we go out to lunch, you insist on paying for the bill.

Make sense?

Internet Marketer – Frank Kern has lived by this motto by showing someone how you can help them by actually helping them…

Or more specifically he says, “The ol’ demonstrate how you can help ‘em… by actually helping ’em trick.”

And if it’s worked nearly 20 years for good ol’ Frankie…

Then I think it’s probably safe to say that it will work for you and I.


Why You Should Use The Law Of Reciprocity

A better question might be, “Why not?”

Why wouldn’t you take advantage of the law of reciprocity?

It seems like a total no-brainer to me…

I think the main reason we don’t take advantage of it more than we do is simple…

We overlook it!

Sometimes when something is so simple we think, “that will never work!”…

So we instead favor complex ideas/solutions.

But the fact of the matter is that the law of reciprocity works extremely well.

So if you’re struggling to get clients or make sales…

Then this should make it an easier process to get the results you’re looking for.

That is unless you’re trying to get clients who are soulless ghouls who have no heart.

If that is who you are after…

Well then, you may want to seriously reconsider who you’re trying to sell to.

However, I’m almost 100% certain that’s likely not the case.

So therefore, there’s really no excuse to not take advantage of it.


How To Take Advantage Of The Law Of Reciprocity

OK, so by now I think I’ve made it crystal clear that you need to be taking advantage of this amazing psychological phenomenon.

But how?

I’m glad you asked!

Well it’s easier than you think…

And you’ve probably already seen it many times over…

Especially in the online world with various software and service providers.

It’s the good old “Free Trial Offer”.

I’m sure you’ve seen it a thousand times before.

They usually come in 3 flavors…

  • 7-Day
  • 14-Day
  • 30-Day

And what I’ve done recently is added a 14-day free trial offer…

But IF the prospective client/customer will actually schedule an appointment and meet with me…

I will then sweeten the deal by extending the offer to a 30-day free trial offer.

So if you’re not already offering something similar to your prospective clients/customers then there’s no better time to get started than right now.


In Conclusion

If you can find a way to provide value first before asking for the sale…

You will have a much higher chance to land the sale through the law of reciprocity.

One simple way to do just that is to offer a sample of whatever it is you’re selling in the form of a free trial offer for a set duration of time.

It’s as easy as that!

That’s all for today…

See you again next week.


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