TLMM #043: How To Inexpensively Flood Your Geographic Area With Facebook & Instagram Ads

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In this week’s issue, I want to talk about how you can inexpensively flood your geographic area with Facebook and Instagram ads to attract local small businesses so you can make more sales as a Local Small Business Consultant or Digital Marketing Agency Owner…

Crazy as it sounds, but whenever I’m on Facebook or Instagram and scrolling the feeds…

I never see this for any digital marketing agency or local business for that matter.

So in my opinion there’s a huge gap in the market and thus presents a massive opportunity to do this for your own business and your clients too!

With that being said…

Let’s dive in!


Why Advertise on Facebook & Instagram Only To Your City

Like I previously mentioned…

From what I can tell, there’s a huge opportunity to grab the lion’s share of the marketplace in your own city to advertise your business.

More specifically, online advertising on sites like Facebook and Instagram.

I mean give it a try…

Go to Facebook and/or Instagram right now and scroll your feeds and you’ll see what I mean.

There’s next to no competition!

In fact, I can’t recall the last time I saw a local ad on either.

And to me that’s crazy!

I believe it’s because nobody thinks about doing it as much as they should for one reason or another…

And those reasons are most likely because they think it’s…

  • Too complicated
  • Too expensive
  • Don’t know what to advertise

I guess to the average person…

Facebook/Instagram ads can feel very overwhelming and confusing (if they even try to take a stab at it).

If you run the wrong types of ad campaigns it can become really expensive with little to no return on investment.

Which leads to them questioning and/or second guessing themselves about what to even create an ad for.

Basically overthinking the whole process when in reality it’s not that important.


What Kind Of Ad Campaign Objectives You Should Be Using

So you might be wondering, “What kind of ad campaign objective(s) should I be using?”

As I previously mentioned, there are some ad campaign objectives that will just eat and eat your ad budget up without producing any real results.

So here are some of the ad campaign objectives you should be using for your local geographic area…

  • Brand Awareness
  • Reach
  • Video Views

Everything else like…

  • Conversion
  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • Leads

Can get real pricey and deter you from continuing to advertise.

So if you can stay away from those expensive ad campaign objectives you can successfully advertise to your local geographic area on a very slim budget.

Most of the time you can spend as little as $1.00 per day per ad campaign objective and still get your business flooding the marketplace on both Facebook and Instagram.


What You Should Be Advertising

That’s an age old question isn’t it?

There’s no right or wrong answer.

And honestly when you’re talking about putting up a variety of different ads…

Using the super affordable ad campaign objectives outlined above…

These can almost be “fun” ads.

What do I mean by that?

I’m talking about getting the creative juices flowing and coming up with a series of ads that might just grab your audience’s attention.

In fact, I truly believe that the more *viral* the ads can be, the better.

These ads don’t necessarily have to do much if anything in regards to selling or even promoting your business’ products or services.

Now that doesn’t mean you can’t use these ads to “advertise” the products or services you offer…

They certainly can…

I just think if you want to stand out among your competition (regardless whether or not they’re advertising on FB & IG)…

Then you should think about the kinds of ads you’ve seen recently that you really liked.

You know, the ones that make you think or make you laugh.

Those are the kinds of ads I’m talking about.

But whatever you do…

Don’t overthink it!


How I Will Be Attacking The Market

I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time now…

And I have a vision for what I think will work for my digital marketing agency.

My plan is to ensure each advertisement follows a specific “theme.”

They will all be branded in a way that they standout from the competition.

They will be easily identifiable.

And most importantly, they will become synonymous with Vegas Tech Group.

The goal is to have the creatives so dialed in that with just a glance you will know right away that it’s from Vegas Tech Group.

BTW, I believe this is exactly how you should approach it too.

Once you’ve nailed this part down…

Then you can put whatever message on each ad as you see fit.

You could have a series of ads that are serious.

Or you could have a series of ads that are funny.

Or a combination of both.

The choice is yours.

I’m not exactly sure yet what I will do first…

But I can assure you that I will be doing something along these lines.

The question is what will you do?

Will you even do it?

I sure hope so.

It’s definitely something to think about.

And it’s easier than you think.

So in the eternal words of Nike, “Just do it.”

I’ll leave you with that.

See you next Monday.


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