TLMM #065: Why A Weekly Newsletter Targeting Local Small Businesses Is A Highly Effective Prospecting Strategy

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In this week’s issue, I want to talk about why a weekly newsletter solely focused on helping local small businesses with digital marketing is a highly effective prospecting strategy as a Local Small Business Consultant or Digital Marketing Agency Owner…

Cold emailing unjustly gets a bad rap…

But don’t worry, we’re not spamming anyone, ever!

So with that in mind…

Let’s dive in!


Why A Weekly Newsletter

As you may have noticed…

Creating a “newsletter” is all the rage lately…

At least it is among the Internet Marketers.

So that begs the question…

Should you also jump on the bandwagon and create your own weekly newsletter?

The short answer is, yes!

The long answer is, well it depends…

It depends on what you’re going to do with it.

Meaning, what will it be about (the main topic) and who will it target (the main audience)?

Of course in this instance it should fit the following two criteria:

  1. Digital marketing for local small businesses
  2. Local small businesses

After all, this is called, “The Local Marketing Minute.” 😉

However, this weekly newsletter is focused on “digital marketing for Local Small Business Consultants and Digital Marketing Agency Owners”…

NOT, actual local small businesses.

There two completely different audiences…

Would you agree?

But that doesn’t mean that this weekly newsletter isn’t resourceful for local small businesses too.

Because obviously it is.

Especially for those local small business owners who are pretty savvy (or want to be) with all things digital marketing.

But I digress…

As a Local Small Business Consultant and/or Digital Marketing Agency Owner…

You should be putting out at least one long form piece of content per week like…

  1. Podcast
  2. YouTube video
  3. Blog post

Or a…

  1. Weekly newsletter!


Because you need to do some inbound marketing…


What A Weekly Newsletter Can Do For Your Business

By having a weekly newsletter…

It will help you become an authority in your business…

And more importantly…


Especially if you’re focused on one niche/industry.

Inbound marketing like this is NOT just for “content creators” or “influencers.”

In fact, like it or not, if you’re dealing with digital marketing…

It automatically puts you into one or both of those aforementioned categories.

And why not?!

It just helps your credibility and gives you a leg up on your competitors.


How To Create A Weekly Newsletter

Now that you understand why you should create a weekly newsletter and what it can do for your business…

You need to actually create one!

First things first…

You need to come up with a name for your weekly newsletter. (and please DO NOT use “The Local Marketing Minute” or anything similar – Thanks!!!)

Secondly, you will need to brainstorm a list of main topics you want to have your weekly newsletter focused on.

Third, you will need to brainstorm a list of sub-topics under each of the main topics which will ultimately become the subject matter of your weekly newsletter.

Fourth, you will need to decide how you want the weekly newsletter to be accessible such as…

  • Print (physical/hard copy)?
  • Digital?

Fifth, if you choose digital, you will need to decide which formats it will be made available such as…

  • Email?
  • Blog Post?
  • Social Media?
  • Or all of the above?

Sixth, you will need to decide when it will be delivered such as…

  • Friday at 12pm
  • Saturday at 6am
  • Sunday at 6pm
  • Monday at 6am
  • Etc.

As you can see, there’s a lot of thought and planning that goes into producing a weekly newsletter.


How To Build An Email List Of Local Small Businesses

This is definitely the hardest part…

But that shouldn’t stop you from creating a weekly newsletter.

There are two and ONLY TWO routes you can go with this…

  1. Organic (social media posts)
  2. Paid (ads)

They BOTH work!

The first, organic, will take the longest to work and may produce inconsistent results.

The second, paid, will be the fastest to work and will produce more consistent results.

So by that logic, it seems there’s only one option…

And that’s paid.

However, paid isn’t always the best option because it may not be affordable.

Also, you do need to have a pretty solid understanding of how to create ads from both a technical and creative point of view.

One way to do organic marketing to drive traffic to your weekly newsletter is to create your content from your “journey.”

Your ideal audience may find it interesting to see the process of creating a weekly newsletter through the lens of the creator themselves.

Plus it kind of creates the content for you…

Which is the hardest part of organic marketing…

Coming up with the content to post!

My personal preference is paid.

But I highly recommend you do BOTH (if you can)!

It’s time to start planning…

So what will you name your weekly newsletter?

Good luck!

See you next Monday!


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