TLMM #074: Why Cold Prospecting Is The Key To Cold Outreach

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In this week’s issue, I want to talk about how critical cold prospecting is to your business as a Local Small Business Consultant or Digital Marketing Agency Owner…

If you’re serious about your business…

You need to be cold prospecting for new clients on a regular basis!

So with that in mind…

Let’s dive in!


What Is Cold Prospecting?

Cold prospecting is a research-based approach to help identify potential customers and/or clients.

And that’s the key!

It’s extremely important to not skip this step!

You don’t want to rush through this step either…

You want to take however long it takes to complete this step.

If anything, this is where you’ll spend the majority of your time in the entirety of the cold outreach process.

Oftentimes, the terms cold prospecting and cold emailing/calling are mistakenly interchanged.


Why Cold Prospecting And Cold Emailing/Calling Are Not The Same

Although cold prospecting and cold emailing or cold calling are similar in nature, ultimately they are not the same thing.

As you may recall…

Cold prospecting is a research-based approach to help identify potential customers and/or clients…

Cold emailing/calling is a direct approach that aims to introduce a product or service to potential customers and/or clients.

Essentially, cold prospecting is the act or process of honing in on your ideal prospects while eliminating all the prospects that are ultimately not ideal.

Just think of it as the same thing as sifting through sand to find the gem stones…

The gem stones are the equivalent of your ideal prospects…

While all the granules of sand represent everyone else.


Why Do Cold Prospecting?

When you perform cold prospecting, you are taking a large pool of prospects and whittling them down to your perfect customers/clients.

By putting all of your energy and focus on this task…

You get much better results from your overall efforts.

And although many will say that cold prospecting is a numbers game…

They are right and wrong.

Obviously the more prospects you go after…

The better chance you have to make sales.

But they are wrong in the sense that you should be reaching out to huge numbers…

That you and I both know will ultimately not be qualified for your product or service.

Not to mention that when you use a “spray and pray” technique you lessen the effectiveness of your cold outreach in a number of ways…

Including but not limited to…

  • The personalization of your initial message
  • The deliverability of your emails
  • The response rate

It’s kind of like the Tortoise and the Hare…

When you use the spray and pray technique you’re essentially taking on the role of the Hare.

And based on that folktale, we know how that turned out!


How To Effectively Cold Prospect

It starts with building good habits.

You must be willing to consistently be building cold prospect lists.

And of course you can either start from a scraped or purchased list…

Or you can start from scratch.

It all depends on which one you prefer or is easier for you.

The truth is that all cold outreach begins with your cold prospecting process.

It’s the building blocks for success (or failure).

The key to success is to be relentless…

Meaning, you need to be willing to be cold prospecting regularly to the point where it becomes daily.

However, even if you’re the single most successful person at cold prospecting of all-time…

You still need to decide if you’re going to cold call them or cold email them or both!

If you do either or both manually, you will get burned out fast!

That’s why I highly recommend using software to help you automate nearly the entire process.

While there are many “Cold Email Service Providers” (CESP) out there that can help…

There’s an all-in-one software solution that can not only do cold emailing…

But can also assist you with cold calling and voicemail drops.

The software solution I speak of is HighLevel.

It’s completely robust and incredibly powerful.

Of course as good as it is on its own out of the box… 

If you want it to perform at its maximum…

You still have to put on your thinking cap in order to develop workflows (automations) to carry out or execute the tasks necessary to get the results you desire.

But luckily for you, I have taken the liberty of developing some of the best cold outreach workflows to automate the entire process from start to finish.

If you’re interested in my Cold Prospecting Engine…

You can check it out here.

See you next Monday!


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