TLMM #075: Why Foot-In-The-Door Products Or Services Are The Key To Your Success

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In this week’s issue, I want to talk about why foot-in-the-door products or services are the key to your success as a Local Small Business Consultant or Digital Marketing Agency Owner…

There are many misconceptions regarding foot-in-the-door products and services…

I hope this clarifies things for you. 

So with that in mind…

Let’s dive in!


What Is A Foot-In-The-Door Product And/Or Service?

Think of a foot-in-the-door product and/or a service a lot like a lead magnet…

It is typically inexpensive…

It typically solves one specific problem…

And once that problem is solved…

It often opens the doors to additional problems that must also be solved.

Thus giving you an opportunity to then move the customer and/or client to the next logical step, your next logical solution.

It’s like a gateway drug…

Once you give them a taste, they can’t wait to get the next hit…

For the next bigger, more powerful solution you have for them.


Why Use A Foot-In-The-Door Product And/Or Service?

A foot-in-the-door product or service basically is designed to accomplish a few things…

Namely, to get a customer or client to commit to a small request or in most cases a low-ticket purchase (i.e. $47, $97, $147, $197, etc.)…

By providing a tremendous amount of value at such a ridiculously low price point.

Thus building trust and good will.

Which then will hopefully lead to getting the same customer or client to commit to a larger request or in most cases a high-ticket purchase (i.e. $497, $997, $1497, $1997, etc.).

But it also basically serves another purpose.

And that purpose is to speed up your sales process…

To quickly get a lead into your sales cycle, increasing your sales velocity. 


How To Create A Foot-In-The-DoorProduct And/Or Service?

Creating a foot-in-the-door product or service is easier than you think…

Usually the best way to create a foot-in-the-door product or service is by just picking one of your products or services you already offer…

And heavily discounting it.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel here.

In fact, if you use one (or more) of your current products or services…

You likely already have some idea of what your prospects need or want.

The key is to make it a “no-brainer” type of an offer…

One that is so ridiculously good, they will feel stupid saying no to it.


How To Price Your Foot-In-The-Door Product And/Or Service?

Like I previously mentioned…

It should be a low-ticket price point like…

  • $47 or $49
  • $97 or $99
  • $147 or $149
  • $197 or $199

If it’s any higher than than it would start to teeter on no longer conforming to a “low-ticket” price model.

Can you go lower than $47 or $49?


In fact, you can go as low as FREE!

But I highly recommend you charge something to get the customer or client to put some skin in the game so to speak.

However, no matter how you price it…

You must overdeliver!

There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

The more you wow your customer or client, the better!

And the more likely you are to get them to commit to the next step in your sales cycle.

And that should be the sole purpose of your foot-in-the-door offer.

Consider it your “loss leader.”

Just like the way a department or grocery store pushes their “loss leaders” on the end caps of aisles.

So the bottom line is don’t overthink it (the price), just accept it..

Make it as irresistible as you possibly can.

Oh, and by the way…

You can have as many different foot-in-the-door offers as you like.


What Are Some Good Foot-In-The Door Offers For Local Small Business Consultants And Digital Marketing Agencies?

Here’s a quick list of some foot-in-the-door products or services you can start implementing in your business right away…

  • Social Posting (2x-4x per day – $97/mo. – $197/mo.)
  • Email Newsletters (monthly – $47/mo. – $97/mo.)
  • Blog Posting (2x – 4x per month – $97/mo. – $197/mo.)
  • Chatbot ($47/mo.)
  • Missed Call Text Back ($47/mo.)
  • Call Tracking ($47/mo.)
  • Hybrid Sales Funnel Website (no design/dev fee, for hosting and maintenance only – $97/mo.)
  • A.I. Appointment Booking ($97/mo.)
  • Birthday Marketing Campaign ($97/mo. – $197/mo.)
  • Customer Referral Program ($47/mo. – $97/mo.)
  • Reputation Review Program ($47/mo. – $97/mo.)
  • Email Validation Campaign ($47/mo.)
  • Lead Generation Campaign ($47/mo. – $97/mo.)
  • Sales Pipeline(s) ($47/mo. – $97/mo.)
  • Abandon Cart Campaign ($47/mo.)
  • Retargeting Campaign ($47/mo. – $97/mo.)
  • Etc.

As you can clearly see…

Many of the ones I’ve listed above are essentially, “Micro Automated Services.”

And some of them run on software as a service, such as HighLevel.

But no matter, the options are nearly endless.

It all just boils down to picking one (or more) and putting them into use.

So what will you choose?

Good luck!

See you next Monday!


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