TLMM #087: Harnessing Invideo A.I. for Local Small Business Success

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In this week’s issue, I want to talk about why you should consider using Invideo A.I. for local small business clients as a Local Small Business Consultant and/or Digital Marketing Agency Owner…

As a local marketing expert, I understand the constant search for cost-effective, impactful tools that not only elevate brand presence but also streamline operations…

Invideo A.I. is precisely such a tool…

And in this week’s newsletter I’ll explain why your business should be paying attention.

With that being said…

Let’s dive in!


What is Invideo A.I.?

Invideo A.I. is a powerful, intuitive platform that translates simple text inputs into polished videos complete with scripts, voiceovers, and visual media…

It’s designed to make video production a breeze…

Allowing users with minimal technical skills to produce quality content quickly. 

This capability is a game-changer for Local Small Business Consultants aiming to boost their digital marketing offerings without heavy investments in time or money.


Why Local Small Businesses Need Video Content

Video content’s dominance in digital marketing continues to grow…

With studies showing that videos can significantly increase user engagement, understanding of products or services, and conversion rates.

For local small businesses, video provides a compelling way to tell their story, showcase their offerings, and connect with the community more personally and effectively.


How Invideo A.I. Can Transform Your Marketing

Event Promotions and Updates: Quickly create videos to promote your client’s upcoming events or share business updates. For example, a local bakery can use Invideo A.I. to craft a video showcasing a new seasonal menu, enticing customers with visually appealing content that drives foot traffic.

Customer Testimonials: Easily compile your client’s customer reviews into a persuasive video format. This not only adds credibility but also humanizes your client’s brand by presenting real people who have had positive experiences with your client’s business.

Educational Content: Develop tutorials or how-to videos related to your client’s products or services. A hardware store might create video guides on home improvement projects using products they sell, providing value while subtly promoting their inventory.

Behind-the-Scenes Looks: Give customers a peek behind the curtain of your client’s daily operations, which helps build trust and loyalty. Videos that highlight your client’s business’s commitment to quality and service can significantly enhance your client’s local reputation.


Getting Started with Invideo A.I.

Starting with Invideo A.I. is straightforward…

Define Your Client’s Goals: Clearly understand what your client wants to achieve with their video content. Is it more engagement, increased awareness, or something else?

Draft a Simple Script: Write a brief outline of what your client’s video should cover. Invideo A.I. can help refine this into a dynamic script.

Customize Your Client’s Content: Utilize Invideo’s extensive library of images and video clips, or upload your own to ensure the content aligns perfectly with your client’s brand identity.

Iterate Based on Feedback: Use customer and viewer feedback to tweak and improve your client’s videos, making each one more effective than the last.



For local small businesses aiming to expand their digital footprint…

Invideo A.I. offers a versatile and user-friendly solution that doesn’t require deep pockets or extensive technical know-how.

By integrating Invideo A.I. into your client’s marketing strategy, you’re not just keeping up with the trends…

You’re setting them.

Stay ahead of the curve, and start exploring the possibilities with Invideo A.I. today. 

Your business—and your local small business clients—will thank you for it.

See you next Monday!


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