TLMM #077: This Service Produces The Highest ROI For Nearly All Local Small Businesses

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In this week’s issue, I want to talk about a specific service you can easily deliver to just about any local small business as a new Local Small Business Consultant or Digital Marketing Agency Owner…

And no it’s not…

  • Facebook ads
  • A new website
  • A chatbot
  • Missed call, text back
  • Etc.

However, it…

  • Provides immediate results
  • Is easy (meaning they don’t have to do anything differently)

So with that in mind…

Let’s dive in!


What Is This Mystery Service?

Two words…

Appointment Booking.

It’s probably not what you may have guessed…

But here’s the thing…

Technology, especially A.I., has made so many advancements recently that it’s no surprise that it’s also playing a huge role in booking appointments.

Because before A.I. entered the picture, here’s how local small businesses got appointments booked…

Step 1: Hire an employee to be an “Appointment Setter”, or assign the task to an existing employee

Step 2: The local small business has to give the Appointment Setter access to a CRM or a list of past and current customers in a spreadsheet

Step 3: Appointment Setter contacts past and current customers asking them to book an appointment with the local small business

Step 4: Appointment Setter schedules the appointment in a calendar (i.e Google, Microsoft, Apple, or perhaps something like Calendly, etc.)

Step 5: Appointment Setter emails (and maybe texts the local small business) the scheduled appointment

Step 6: Customers either no show or need to cancel or need to reschedule, so the local small business is wasting their precious time and resources


Who To Sell This Service To?

Honestly, you can sell this service to just about any local small business…

But more specifically, to “Local Appointment Based Small Businesses.”

And most importantly, to these types of businesses who are established!

Meaning, they have a previous customer list because they have been in business for a fair amount of time.

They’re heavily invested with brick and mortar locations and employees meaning that they’re in it for the long haul.

And they’ll do all the selling and closing as they already have an established offer that people want and/or need.

Some of the niches or industries that this works best for include…

  • Spas, Barbershops, & Salons (Hair, Nail, Eyelash, Tanning, etc.)
  • Personal Trainers, Gyms, & Yoga Studios
  • Accountants & Financial Planners
  • Dentists, Orthodontists, Chiropractors, Veterinarians, & “Other” Doctors
  • Auto Detailers, Mobile Car Washers, & Mobile Mechanics
  • Pet Grooming, Pet Sitting, Pet Walking, & Pet Hotels
  • House Cleaners & Carpet Cleaners
  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Caterers, Event Planners, DJs, Security Personnel, etc.
  • Home Services

 I’m sure there are many more that I don’t have listed here…

But I think you can clearly see that there are plenty of local small businesses who utilize appointments.


How To Sell This Service

So how do you sell it to local appointment based small businesses?

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1: Craft your irresistible offer

So how do you “craft” your irresistible offer?


Use the “Value Equation” by Alex Hormozi.

Value Equation = Dream Outcome x Perceived Likelihood of Achievement / Time Delay x Effort & Sacrifice

This equation is how you craft ANY irresistible offer…

You always want to increase the top half of the equation (Dream Outcome and Perceived Likelihood of Achievement)…

While always striving to decrease the bottom half of the equation (Time Delay and Effort/Sacrifice).

Here’s an example you can use for offering this service…

“I can get you 7 booked appointments in 7 days, with ZERO risk… Or I’ll refund your entire investment. Are you interested?”

Of course you can change any of the variables in the example outlined above.

Feel free to use it as is, modify it, or tweak it any way you see fit.

Step 2: Ask a prospective client 4 simple questions

  1. How soon would you like to start getting appointments?
    – If they say something like yesterday, today, next week, etc. – move to the next question…
    – If they say something like in a couple of months or next year – thank them for their time and move on.
  2. Do you have a customer list with phone numbers?
    If they say YES – move to the next question…
    – If they say NO – thank them for their time and move on.

  3. How much is a customer worth to your business?
    Remember this number for some mental math.

  4. How many appointments do you want?
    Remember this number for some mental math.

Then ask…

Out of 10 booked appointments, how many typically get sold?

Do some mental math to figure out the closing rate…

Then ask…

“So out of 10 booked appointments, that’s 7 sales…  

And if each sale is worth $300, then we’re looking at a goal of $2,100 in sales.  Is that correct?”


OK, I can do it for $1,000 and if you don’t get at least 7 sales in 7 days, I’ll refund every red cent of your investment.

When would you like to get started?


They will likely have questions about how it works…

Answer them the best you can…

Show them how it works by putting them into a DEMO campaign…

Ask for the sale again after you’ve answered their question(s) or they’ve seen the DEMO campaign…

If they have any objections, again thank them for their time and move on to the next prospective client.

Step 3: Get paid month-after-month, year-after-year

Follow-up with the client after one month to see how many appointments they got…

You will already know how many were booked if you use software and more specifically my A.I. Appointment Booking Engine.

Here’s how the  conversation between you and the client might go…

You: “I just wanted to check in with you to see how many of the 30 booked appointments you’ve gotten so far turned into sales?”

The client: “15 of them!”

You: “That’s great news!  That’s like $4,500?”

The client: “Yeah!”

You: “Awesome!”

You: “If you’d like to keep getting book appointments like these, I can continue to do this for you every month.”

The client: “How much would it cost me?”

You: “How about $1,000 a month?” (or whatever you think is fair to charge them based on their previous results then STOP TALKING.)

Since it’s already all setup and working, they will likely agree (if they don’t, they might be CRAZY not to!)

You can expect to close the majority of your clients into a recurring monthly fee because you ALREADY MADE THEM MONEY!

The bottom line is you’re getting VERY FAST AND MEASURABLE results for people with ZERO RISK!


How To Deliver This Service

Of course you can provide this service manually by yourself or with a team of “Appointment Setters”…

However, that way takes a lot of time and energy…

Not to mention a lot of money if you’re paying “Appointment Setters.”

And it’s not really scalable by any means.

So what’s the alternative?

Using software.

But not just any software…

A.I. powered software.

More specifically, something like my A.I. Appointment Booking Engine which has been built on the HighLevel framework.

Or if you’re so inclined you can build something similar from scratch yourself.

Either way, I hope you can see the power in leveraging software and automation to do the work of a team of “Appointment Setters.”

If you want to learn how to build a highly profitable appointment booking service for yourself and your clients…

I highly recommend you check out my A.I. Appointment Booking Engine.

See you next Monday!


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