TLMM #078: Why You Should Start An A.I. Marketing Agency

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In this week’s issue, I want to talk about how you can easily leverage A.I. for local small business as a new Local Small Business Consultant or Digital Marketing Agency Owner…

The A.I. revolution is here!

A.I. is on pace to become a $1.5 trillion market by 2030.

So with that in mind…

Let’s dive in!


What Is Generative A.I.

Generative A.I. describes algorithms such as…

  • ChatGPT
  • Bard
  • Claude
  • Gemini
  • DALL-E
  • Midjourney
  • HeyGen
  • Invideo
  • Air
  • etc.

By definition…

Generative A.I. models can take inputs such as text, image, audio, video, and code and generate new content into any of the modalities mentioned.

For example, it can…

  • Turn text into an image or video
  • Turn an image into a song or text
  • Turn video into text
  • Etc.

Generative A.I. models learn the patterns and structure of their input training data and then generate new data that has similar characteristics.


Why Start An A.I. Marketing Agency

This should be pretty obvious…

A.I. is moving at lightning speed…

Thus more and more businesses are hearing and learning about A.I. on a daily basis.

So naturally, inquisitive minds want to know how it can benefit their businesses…

And more specifically, how it can help them generate more revenue by cutting costs.

Meaning, laying off employees and cutting back in other areas they feel are expendable to reduce overhead.

Therefore, they will be seeking those who are “A.I. Experts.”

With that being said, now’s the time to learn and implement as much as you can with A.I.

By becoming an “A.I. Expert”…

You future proof your business.

And since A.I. is hot right now…

It all but assures that you’ll be in high demand.


How To Start An A.I. Marketing Agency

Learn, learn, and learn some more.

Educate yourself as much as you possibly can about A.I.

More specifically, become a “Prompt Engineer.”

Because if you can master that skill…

Then you can bend A.I. to your will.

The beautiful thing about A.I. is that you don’t have to be “techie” at all.

Honestly, if you can type complete comprehensible sentences in a logical manner that’s all there really is to it.

It’s more about having a vision and using your imagination and creativity than anything else.

Then take the digital marketing services you already offer and brainstorm all the ways you can either…

Enhance them using A.I. 


Completely replace them with A.I.

Then refine your systems and processes to reflect these changes in your digital marketing services.


What A.I. Tools You Need To Pay Attention To

It seems like every day there’s a new A.I. tool hitting the market.

And in all honesty, it’s probably the truth!

And by the time I hit publish on this week’s newsletter…

There’s a good chance that this will already be out of date!

But nonetheless, here’s a list of A.I. tools I highly recommend you get very familiar with and start using day in and day out of your business…

For you and your customers and/or clients.

  1. ChatGPT

Nearly all “A.I.” tools out there tap into OpenAI’s ChatGPT in some way, shape, or form.

Most are just “skins” that take some of the “prompting” out of the equation.

If you can master “prompt engineering” to rightfully claim the title of a “Prompt Engineer” then you can just go straight to the source and use it as is.


HeyGen is an A.I. video generator that you can use to create talking head videos using HeyGen’s own models or you can even clone yourself or your client!

This is so insanely good, that you’d be foolish not to take advantage of it.


Invideo A.I. allows you to simply type your idea and it’ll generate an A.I. video with a script, voiceover, media, and text.

You can even tell it to tweak stuff just like you’d tell a video editor.

Plus you can make quick changes to your script or add your own video clips and images.


Air A.I. is a groundbreaking software that revolutionizes the way we interact with A.I.

It is the world’s first ever conversational A.I. tool that can engage in full-length phone conversations, lasting anywhere from 10 to 40 minutes…

All while sounding like a real human being!

  1. DALL-E2 and/or Midjourney

DALL-E2 is a generative A.I. tool from OpenAI that enables users to create images with text prompts.

Midjourney is exactly the same thing.

The original DALL-E could only render A.I. images in a cartoonish fashion against a simple background.

DALL-E2 can produce realistic images which are larger and more detailed.

Supposedly Midjourney has created higher-quality, clearer images than DALL-E2.

Of course there are some other cool generative A.I. tools on the market worth checking out…

But I intentionally left them out of this particular newsletter since I didn’t feel that they were particularly applicable to local small business consulting.

My best advice is get to know these four or five A.I. tools inside and out.

Then keep your eyes and ears open for the next big thing in generative A.I.

See you next Monday!


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