TLMM #079: How To Keep Up With The Speed Of A.I.

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In this week’s issue, I want to talk about how you can keep up with the ever changing landscape of A.I. for local small business as a new Local Small Business Consultant or Digital Marketing Agency Owner…

It seems that nearly everyday I hear about a new wiz bang A.I. tool that just hit the market.

Which is why it’s nearly impossible to keep up with it all.

So with that in mind…

Let’s dive in!


Why You Need To Have A Deep Understanding Of Generative A.I.

As I previously mentioned in last week’s newsletter…

The A.I. revolution is here!

A.I. is on pace to become a $1.5 trillion market by 2030.

Meaning, A.I. is taking the world by storm…

And A.I. is an industrial disruptor in every sense of the word (or phrase).

A.I. is comparable to…

  • The Wheel
  • The Locomotive
  • The Car
  • The Airplane
  • The Personal Computer
  • The Internet
  • The Smartphone
  • The Blockchain
  • Etc.

I think you get the picture…

It’s already costing people their jobs by replacing human labor with things that now can be done with A.I.

So you are either someone who embraces it and more importantly understands its significance…

Or someone who is inexorable (or a Luddite) and perhaps does not understand its significance.

Hopefully, you’re the type of person who is embracing A.I. for all it’s worth.

Or at the very least, you can understand it and perhaps even value it.

The bottom line is that change is inevitable…

You either adapt or die.

So do I feel bad for all of those people losing their jobs to A.I.?


However, if they’re smart, they will learn everything they can about it so they can reposition themselves in the marketplace…

And essentially “future proof” themselves.

BTW, this applies to Local Small Business Consultants and Digital Marketing Agency Owners too…

No one’s immune to A.I.

Especially if local small businesses start to embrace and implement A.I. solutions on their own without your assistance.

Or even worse, are sold on A.I. by one of your competitors!

Which is why I highly recommend that you beat them to the punch!


What You Can Do To Educate Yourself With All Things A.I.

First things first…

You want to educate yourself as much as humanly possible with all things regarding A.I.

Of course you can do this in a myriad of ways…

Including, but not limited to…

  • Google (search and alerts)
  • Facebook Groups
  • YouTube
  • Forums
  • Reddit
  • Newsletters
  • Courses
  • Memberships
  • Etc.

All of them will do the job…

But it can be quite time consuming…

Especially, if you’re trying to piecemeal all of this on your own.

And if you’re like me, you don’t necessarily have the time to be spreading yourself so thin.

So what’s the solution?

My recommendation is to pick one that you think will work the best for you and go all-in with it.


How To Keep Up With The Ever Changing Landscape Of A.I.

Two words…

You don’t!

Honestly, there’s just too much going on to know about everything.

Sorry if that’s not what you wanted to hear, but it’s the cold hard truth!

Which is why when industry disruptors happen like this…

It’s extremely overwhelming to say the least!

But that shouldn’t discourage you by any means.

It should actually provide you with a sense of relief…


Because this is completely normal.

And eventually when the dust settles, it’ll be similar to how you probably felt about smartphones, or even the Internet…

Notice I didn’t mention the Blockchain!

That sh!t you still need a Ph.D to fully understand… LOL 😉

But, all of that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

Especially, if you have any interest in it and want to be a pioneer or trailblazer.

Meaning, you don’t want to be left on the sidelines and have your opportunity to potentially make a boatload of money from it in the here and now.


Where You Can Get All The Information You Need About A.I. As A Local Small Business Consultant and/or Digital Marketing Agency Owner

Now, I may be a bit partial to this, but with good reason…

See I think now’s the time to start an A.I. Marketing Agency by converting your current products and services over to A.I. solutions.

But in order to do so, it can be quite cumbersome…

Especially, if you’re trying to do this all on your own.

Can you do it?


Will it be successful?


How long will it take?

Who knows?!

Why go through all of the headaches of trial and error and try to figure it all out on your own?

You shouldn’t.

So why not speed up the process so you can beat your competitors to the market?

And more importantly, future proof you and your business!

That’s why I decided to start a small community (or cohort if you will) of like-minded individuals who are interested in learning how to navigate the ever expanding world of Generative A.I.

A place where you can share your thoughts and exchange ideas about all things related to A.I. when it comes to marketing…

And more specifically, for Local Small Business Consultants and Digital Marketing Agency Owners.

I will be breaking down a different Generative A.I. tool each week during our live meetings…

Plus, I will provide members with strategies and tactics on how to get the absolute most out of each A.I. tool.

The goal is to take people from not knowing much if anything about Generative A.I. to becoming a full fledged “A.I. Expert” (or A.I. Growth Engineer)…

Helping themselves implement A.I. in their own business and in their client’s businesses as well.

The goal of this membership is to breakdown each Generative A.I. tool as simplistically as possible, in layman’s terms…

So that anyone can fully understand what it is, what it does, and how they can easily take advantage of it for themselves and their customers and/or clients.

So if this sounds like you, I invite you to join us!

As of this writing we’re still looking for the first 20 founding members to join us at an incredibly low price that will be locked in for life.

So if you have any inkling whatsoever that this is for you and do not want to have any regrets later on…

Then I highly suggest you join us now through the link below.

But, I must warn you…

When the 20 founding member spots have been filled…

The page will automatically redirect and reflect the regular monthly price of at least $99.99.

I hope to see you in A.I. Agency Insiders…

See you next Monday!


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