TLMM 052: Anniversary Edition: Top 10 Issues Of The Year!

Read time: 4 mins

In this week’s issue, I want to celebrate the fact that this weekly newsletter has made it through 52 issues or 1 full year…

And to commemorate the anniversary of The Local Marketing Minute…

I thought it would be cool to highlight some of this past year’s best issues via a Top 10 countdown style.

So with that in mind…

Let’s dive in!


10. TLMM #006: The Difference Between Being a Social Media Manager and a Social Media Content Provider


9. TLMM 046: This One Thing Alone Will Help Local Small Businesses Make More Sales


8. TLMM #043: How To Inexpensively Flood Your Geographic Area With Facebook & Instagram Ads


7. TLMM #011: Turn Reviews And Testimonials Into More Leads And Sales


6. TLMM #025: Why You Shouldn’t Be Selling Websites To Local Small Businesses


5. TLMM #012: Text Message A Local Small Business Owner With Nearly 100% Accuracy


4. TLMM #022: Why You Should Be Using This One Particular Piece of Software In Your Digital Marketing Agency


3. TLMM 048: How To Generate Leads For Local Small Businesses For Less Than $0.50 each!


2. TLMM #020: The Easiest Digital Marketing Service To Sell (Ever!)


1. TLMM #019: The 3-Part Magical Formula To Never Ending Local Small Business Leads & Clients


What do you think???

Agree or disagree with issues which were chosen or their respective rankings?

Have your own list or is there an issue in particular that you think should have been included, but is missing from the list?

Please leave it in the comments… 🙂

Regardless, hopefully you have enjoyed this week’s newsletter and found it resourceful.

Next week The Local Marketing Minute will return to its normal format.

Between now and then hopefully you can catch up on issues you may have missed.

See you next Monday!


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